RelogixTM Assembler-to-C translator

RelogixTM is an advanced software conversion tool which can port assembly-language source files, automatically re-coding them into naturally-structured, readable, maintainable C, complete with meaningful variable names and types.

Unlike most other attempts at automated migration from assembler to C, Relogix produces results close to what a skilled human programmer would produce if asked to re-write an assembler source file in C - only with fewer bugs and in a very much shorter time.

Relogix is available in a number of versions to convert assembler code for a range of different architectures:

  • IBM mainframes (HLASM)
  • Desktop systems and 32-bit embedded processors, including the 680x0, CPU32 and ColdFire family, and the Intel 80x86 family
  • Microcontrollers including the 8051 and derivatives.

Some of these are currently available only as code migration services carried out by MicroAPL staff - please contact us for more information. Assembler code for other processors, including the 6502 and PIC 16/18, can also be converted.

Sample output from the Relogix translator

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